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Interior Home Painting Tips

Don’t Forget About Different Lighting

You may love a paint color in natural light but abhor it at night. Before you commit to a paint color, paint a sample area, and take a look at it throughout the day. If you like it in natural daylight and under artificial light, then it may be a keeper when painting your home in San Diego.

Don’t Avoid Dark Paint Colors

You do not have to choose a light-colored paint in fear of making a room look smaller with darker shades. Don’t completely rely on paint to brighten a room. You can add lighting or even swap for brighter light bulbs to balance out dark paint colors.

Don’t Avoid White Paint

On the contrary, don’t avoid white paint because you think that’s a boring choice. White paint is not what it used to be and can contain hints of color that subtly match your design. If you are drawn to light walls, embrace the white options.


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