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Paint Color Mistakes to Avoid

Standing in front of a wall of paint chips can be overwhelming. There are just too many options. You know that paint color can make or break your interior design, so you’re frozen in fear of making the wrong choice. Do you go bold? Do you play it safe? Well, let’s narrow it down instead by going over what not to do when doing interior painting in San Diego

Don’t Choose Paint Before Furniture

If you’re designing a new space, pick out your furniture before picking a paint color. If you are painting a room that’s already furnished in your home, look at the main furniture in the room. Consider the colors in the largest pieces, like the rug or sofa, and choose a paint color that complements them.

Don’t Be Matchy-Matchy

Note that in the previous “Don’t” we said to choose a complementary color, not a color that matches. You don’t want to take a swatch of your couch’s upholstery to the paint store and match it exactly. Doing so will create too strong a visual effect that will not be pleasing to the eye. Instead, choose a grayed-out version of the color.


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