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Painting Advice for Homeowners

Don’t Make Colors Compete

When working with a two-color scheme, choose which color gets to be the leading lady. Let her be the dominant force that catches the most attention while the other brilliantly plays the supporting role. Together, your room will be a hit.

Don’t Forget About the Big Picture

The best interior designs flow from room to room. This does not mean you have to use the same paint scheme throughout the house. However, it does mean you need to consider how cohesive your colors are on the whole. This is especially true when you have more of an open floor plan.

Who Can Help Me Choose Paint Colors?

Don’t feel bad if you’re still feeling overwhelmed. Honestly, a list of Dos and Don’ts for painting can go on for pages. Don’t hesitate to ask for a professional opinion. In fact, your painting contractor may even have a design consultant on their team.

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